High-performance workstations for the AEC industry.
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A 3D ready workstation in under two minutes with certified compatibility with all major 3D software.
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Built for creatives
High-end workstations for the creative industry without the hassle.
Predictable pricing
Each tier offers different amounts of computing resources and storage, with higher tiers providing more processing and graphics power.
24/7 access
24/7 access ensures that you can access your Computle around the clock and also helps power out-of-hours workloads such as rendering.
End-to-end solution
Skip the hassles of sourcing and managing hardware and focus on what matters to you—just plug in our device and we'll take care of the rest.
Certified hardware
Computle's certified hardware ensures your favorite tools like Maya or AutoCAD run smoothly, removing tech hurdles, so you can unleash your creativity and excel in your projects effortlessly.
ESG friendly
Computle is powered from 100% renewable energy, helping you to minimise your environmental impact.
Multi-monitor support
4k multi-monitor support on all plans*

*25Mbps+ bandwidth required
Globally accessible
Access Computle anywhere in the world, with best performance in Europe and the USA.
Computle that never slows2Computle runs on evergreen hardware with upgrades handled seamlessly behind the scenes.
With Computle, experience a computing solution that never slows down. Thanks to our evergreen hardware, upgrades are conducted seamlessly behind the scenes, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming hardware replacement projects. This ensures that you always have access to up-to-date, high-performance computing resources, allowing you to focus on your core tasks without worrying about hardware-related downtimes or disruptions.
Powerful graphics acceleration
Each plan comes with dedicated graphics acceleration for the most demanding tasks.
With NVIDIA/AMD graphics acceleration, navigating through graphic-heavy tasks feels effortless. Whether you're rendering detailed architectural models, breathing life into animated scenes, or working with rich 4-4-4 colour, the powerful graphics processing ensures every pixel is perfect, speeding up your workflow. This graphics boost not only helps meet tight deadlines but also maintains a superior visual quality in your creations, making every project a masterpiece.
Advanced processing power
Say goodbye to CPU contention with 1:1 CPU assignment.
With Computle's AMD advanced processing power at your fingertips, diving into resource-intensive tools like Maya or AutoCAD becomes a breeze. Whether you're bringing complex 3D models to life, running intricate simulations, or crafting detailed architectural designs, the robust processing speed ensures your creative process flows swiftly and smoothly, making your tasks feel less like work and more like play.
Great for IT
Integrate Computle with ease.
Integrate with existing infrastructure
Seamlessly integrate Computle with existing infrastructure, such as Active Directory, network printers, and file shares.
Optional backup
Computle comes with optional backup to help protect your most valuable work.
Data encryption
Computle stores your data in ISO 27001 certified data centres and provides optional encryption.
Deploy Computle from a master image
Deploying Computle from a master image streamlines the setup process, ensuring a consistent environment across your projects. This feature is particularly handy when you have specific configurations or applications needed for your architectural or animation tasks. It simplifies deployment, saves time, and ensures you can dive into your creative realm with a standardized setup ready to go.
Powering greatness